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How Biomodulation Works

Biomodulation uses micro-doses of special sequences of aminoacids and vitamins  injected into muscle  to regulate the immune and nervous system and remove circulating  antibodies   The resulting modulation (called bioregulation) depends on the choice of the agent in  the injection.   Biomodulation has been developed from a combination of well known injection techniques such as Neural Therapy, Trigger Point Injections, Mesotherapy, Acupuncture Point Injections.   It has distinct features that emphasize clinical response, safety and modulation of the immune and nervous system  in what is injected (biomodulators) and how frequently the  injections are given.  Thus, even if other injections have been unsatisfactory or temporary, biomodulation  can be successful both in terms of effect and duration even if the same material was used.

What kind of material and how is it injected?

Since all the medication is strictly individually prepared the doses of natural agents used  are specifically targeted to modulate your innate defense and regulation systems.  Our  scientific investigation has shown that   products in proper combination inhibits of IL-1b and TNF-alpha secretion.  Cortisone and pharmaceuticals are never used.

The doses used are neither strong enough nor designed to suppress pain or inflammation immediately.  Rather the biomodulators influence your nervous and immune system.  Very small dose of a therapeutic biomodulator can initiate a long-lasting response.

Are all bio-modulators  injected? No not at all, we usually combine injections which are less frequent with daily oral application of natural biomodulators as well physical devices

What should I expect from  BioModulation ?  Healing process occurs in steps and preparing the tissue is your best chance for long lasting deep results.  Sometimes this can be accomplished in a six to 12 months  but  slower approach is better.  You should expect to receive a injections every 2-4 weeks .  Some may hurt and some you may not even feel.  Some injections cause temporary bruising.  Be patient to allow your body to respond. The dose used is too small to immediately suppress the pathological process but that is not the long term goal.  Regulated and targeted modulation to homeomostasis  is an important element of healing.  In order to promote a complete healing of the injured or dysfunctional tissues, the natural  detoxification process must occur.  As a result, symptom relief may take a while, especially for chronic cases.

What will I feel after a BioModulation ? You should also expect that the response to  may include a “reaction phase” in which the pain or detoxification symptoms may be temporarily worse.  This is an indication you are responding.  Because biomodulators do not contain high concentrations active material, toxic reactions to the biopuncture are extremely unlikely.  In fact, biomodulators are guaranteed for quality and are submitted to very strict quality control regulations and systems both in Germany and in the U.S.  These injections have been used in Europe and the U.S. for decades.  Clinical studies on thousands of patients have confirmed the safety of biomodulators.

One of the most powerful aspects of biomodulation is its apparent ability to promote detoxification.  Toxins in your body from the environment (air pollution, toxic metals), poor food choices (trans fats), medications (e.g. antibiotics and steroids you've taken), etc. can block your immune defense system and disturb the reflex responses of your nervous system.  This may explain many of your symptoms or why you may not function optimally.  Eliminating toxins is an important strategy, especially when dealing with chronic diseases.  Some injections work specifically on the liver, others on the kidneys, or lymphatic system.

What are indications  for BioModulation ? The most popular use of biomodulation  are all autoimmune diseases such as allergy, osteoarthritis , psoriasis, multiple sclerosis   Because the immune system is modulated, any condition related to faulty communication  might be amenable to biomodulation such as  asthma, eczema, bronchitis, cystitis sinusitis, Crohn's disease, colitis, etc.  Furthermore, the immune system is intertwined with the neurologic system and thus biomodulation  might be useful for cluster headache, neuralgia, migraines, etc.

What does not respond to BioModulation ? MDB cannot heal all your medical problems.  This is not a miracle therapy.  Biomodulation isn't designed to 'take away' or block the problems caused by chemical  pharmaceuticals such as steroids, chemotherapy  etc.

When serious damage has already occurred Biomodulation may take several  years to reverse.  For example, a viral hepatitis can be treated with in order to support the healing mechanism of the body, but liver cirrhosis is a phase where cells are damaged  and repair and complete healing is expected in a very long time 3-4 years.

What about continuing my other therapies with  BioModulation ? In some cases  it may be possible to combine a conventional approach with biomodulation.  Many people still believe that one has to stop immediately conventional treatments when choosing natural medicine.  This is not true.  When receiving  biomodulation , you only slowly discontinue  chemical  medications.

Most conditions need to address each of four phases (preparation, immune modulation, treatment, and cellular) and four layers .  If you have had problems for several months or even years, you will probably need to work on each different phase and multiple layers.

What risks are associated with BioModulation

The injections can be painful.  The most common adverse event with biomodulation is a short flush in face .

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