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Biomodulation - INTRODUCTION

The purpose of this article is to provide simple initial information about Biomodulation, without claims to reach an expert completeness. Additionally is to be concerned that because of the Drug Advertising Law, we are not authorized to publish any details.
Those interested might attend a consultation with an immunologist to get the stuff explained comprehensively and to discuss their topics with respect to their individual need.

What actually is a disease?

Human sickness occurs when the body’s immune system has lost the capability to keep the number of pathological agents on a harmless level.

The pathological agents may penetrate the body from outside (e.g. the influenza virus) or they may be the organism’s own cells, which become alien to the body (e.g. psoriasis).

Aliens are becoming increasingly creative (e.g. new virus mutations) so even an intact immune system needs several days after infection to try unless it learns how to eliminate the new intruder. During such period of trial’s effort the body is keeping sick. Often the immune system obtains outside help through medication. This may be effective, however, only if the intruder has not already created his own defence system (e.g. such as bacterial resistance to antibiotics).

Some sophisticated intruders have learned how to mystify the immune system. They change their appearance to seem harmless and use this to their uninterrupted destructive passion. The immune system becomes confused and loses control, sometimes even disassembling itself - as it cannot identify any intruder, and subsequently the body loses its immunological balance. External support usually comes too late as the objective finding comes after the onset of symptoms and changes in the body – and this may be too late.

Let’s assume that the doctor diagnoses a life threatening disease. This is followed by a surgeon’s knife and chemistry – such as in the case of lung cancer. Bedly affected organ parts are removed and many pathological agents – unfortunately the body’s healthy guards and innocent cells in a same manner – are destroyed mercilessly (i. e. chemotherapy). However, the secrets for overcoming the immune system remains intact in the memory of many cells in the body – simply for use in the next occurrence (think e.g. about metastases after an apparent cure).

What is biomodulation?

Biomodulation is a holistic medicine therapeutic procedure based on the results of research which was awarded a Nobel Prize for medicine in 1999. The further scientific development may prove that Biomodulation becomes the fundamental stone of the late 21th Century’s Medicine at all.

Biomodulation is a process which enables the immune system to re-establish the control over it’s body. The own forces and means will reveal and dispose of masked pathological agents. It removes wrongly settled cells and harmful cells, which produce disinformation, hostile substances or even new active intruders. From the cells’ memory it deletes the molecular programs, how intruders may be synthetized.

Besides symptoms and consequences Biomodulation would treat primarily the biological and psychological cause of a disease or complaint.

Biomodulation as a treatment method would use replications of neuropeptides assembled according to the organism’s own sample. These would orientate and stimulate the immune system for production of immune substances focusing on a specific effect. The emotional approach of the patient, i.e. the will to work on him/herself and the will to get healthy is also very important for the success of therapy. Based on the diagnosis, biomodulation therapy would be accompanied by psychological support and/or physiotherapy treatment and also it might be combined with the administration of individually assembled herbal extracts.

For what diseases is biomodulation applicable?

Patients in whom traditional medicine cannot offer any final solution – i.e. a cure – usually would decide for Biomodulation.
For example, in diseases such as multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, collagen disease, cardiovascular disease and heart rhythm disorder.
Biomodulation might also be applicable to treat some oncological diseases, such as leukaemia, autism and problems associated with age – memory, stiffness, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, schizophrenia.

What is so exceptional about biomodulation?

The required depth of immunobiological laboratory analysis is not achievable by today’s commonly used laboratory methods.
The means are synthesised for each patient individually using the most up to date macromolecular nanotechnologies offered only by a few highly specialised laboratories in the world.

The cost of the laboratory analysis as well as for the treatment might be relatively high.
State health insurances do not cover the expenses.

Immunobiological macromolecular analysis enables to diagnose diseases long time before a clinical manifestation appears, i.e. in a stage in which they cannot be recognized by present commonly used diagnostic methods (radiology, mammography, ultrasonic, including laboratories, etc.). This ensures the possibility to start therapy in the very early stage of the disease. The probability of complete cure than is very high.

The healing would be forced by the organism’s own natural substances and the means applied have a selective effect on selected cells only.
These are the presumptions for a treatment without any adverse effects.

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